Memorandum Of Agreement In Work Immersion

3 I. OBJECTIVES OF THE WORK IMMERSION PARTNERSHIP The objectives of the Work Immersion Partnership are: 1. to complement the formal programme of the SHS programme with specific contributions from company experts and practitioners in order to adapt and bring the SHS programme into line with working standards; 2. develop in shs programme students the knowledge and skills relevant to the needs of the labour market in area 3. SHS students have a relevant learning experience by looking at the real work environment. 4. In order to create a work immersion partnership between the school and the company, students, teachers and staff of the schools concerned shall be allowed to use and access the workplace and the company`s equipment as part of their professional immersion programme. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PARTIES A. Joint responsibilities both the school and the enterprise must: 1. Creation of a joint working group to prepare the action plan for the operationalization of the partnership. 2. Establish a joint Steering Committee to monitor the progress of the Partnership and to ensure compliance with the provisions of this Agreement (MOA).

3. Comply with all laws, memoranda and circulars relating to child protection (see Appendix A). 4. Develop the student work immersion module that specifies the goals and objectives, the desired outcomes of the program and how to achieve those outcomes, also taking into account the specific knowledge, skills, attitudes, and skills that the student should acquire at the end of the program. (See Appendix C and Appendix D) 5. Develop a daily work fibrillation plan for activities, followed by students throughout the duration of the Work Immersion Program. 6. Formulate local policies and guidelines for student immersion (immersion participants) for the selection, placement, monitoring and evaluation of students (immersion participants) to ensure that each student is assigned to an immersion partner appropriate to their track, qualifications and aptitude. (See Annex C and Annex D) 4 B. Competences of the school The school must: 1.

Identify and indicate the SHS tracks, strands and/or specialisations which will be the subject of the partnership (see Annex D) 2. Make the necessary adjustments to contextualize SHS topics based on company entries. 3. Appoint a person responsible for coordinating with the company and monitoring student activities for the duration of the work immersion program. 4. Continue to exercise his or her particular parental concern in accordance with the Family Code regarding the high school student immersed in the partner`s premises. 5. Monitor each student`s progress throughout the duration of the work fibrillation program to ensure that the tasks assigned to each student are useful, challenging, and applicable to their specific programs and are able to maximize the quality of the learning experience….

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