Webroot Secureanywhere Solution Agreement Change

Webroot Management Console is synchronized with the cloud.market portal, that is, the changes you make on both systems are reflected on both systems in a minute or two. There are still a few logging and analysis functions missing to make it a fully functional DNA protection solution. What didn`t you like about using this solution? You can`t manage DNS protection from the location level. A critical feature of Endpoint Protection that allows customers and their engineers to access their configuration. You can only manage it at the global level, which means that all queries have to pass and wait for you. Detailed reports on certain issues are only at the global level. We have been using this product for some time. In the house as well as in our clients. It meets beyond expectations and much more effective than other solutions. It`s easy to integrate into the existing endpoint solution. This is a great upsell for existing customers that can be implemented faster than competing products. Most of the things that please with this solution – as all Webroot do – is the cloud on the first point, where not to manage the use of resources, the simplicity of the console, very powerful and community, it is supported by the community.

webroot dns protection, protects our employees and customers from potential attacks, it limits the types of content, which means they are always safe from potential threats. Driven by the cloud-based Webroot Threat Intelligence Platform, Webroot solutions combine the latest real-time intelligence with advanced behavior and machine learning. With current cloud-based technology, Webroot is capable of accurately detecting, analyzing, classifying, assessing and predicting the threats each point of arrival knows. Like all Webroot products, the simplicity and logical way things are set up and made available is great. Not only that, but the product is very effective, with some standard rules ready to adopt you or even to change the requirements To customize the inpact requirements on arrival points is minimal. We have RMM tools for webroot integration. It`s fully automated. “Silent Control” is a good way to test how it is run when activated. The biggest thing that attracts me to ANS Webroot is that it is not open. It used to be a big problem for our MSP when we use other products on the market. After each Windows update, we would have an influx of calls that don`t ask for the Internet – the dns protection failed.

With webroot DNA, this is no longer a problem. I also like the ability to group my breakpoints by site and apply different anti-virus guidelines. I like how it`s a cloud-based solution and easy to implement. Webroot SecureAnywhere – DNS Protection largely meets most of our customer needs. We continue to provide feedback to the company and actively help them develop better, more mature and more effective solutions. The IP addresses used changed last year by moving to a new cloud platform, which meant we had to change our configurations for all customers. There are a few things I don`t like: I don`t currently like the time it takes to update changes to DNSP guidelines and white or black list of URLs… About 15 minutes. I think Webroot is working to reduce that time. It is also a little disappointing that no DNSP agents are available for mobile devices, but if it is configured at the network level, then mobile devices are protected.

This article was written by: SignEx