Housing Association Nomination Agreement

The proposed Annex 1 appointment agreement is adopted in the form of a model agreement governing the relationship between the Council and housing companies in the allocation of social housing. In general, we will appoint people in the order of priority who follow the rules of our lettings Policy (also called our allocation policy). This means that the higher your housing needs, the more likely you are to be nominated. Some housing companies advertise in our HomeSearch ads for properties for which they want to have nominees, and you have to offer them if you want to be nominated. If you propose for these items, we will send your data to the housing company. The appointment agreement was developed based on the directions and contributions of housing companies in the housing redevelopment project. It reflects what will happen in practice when the new rules are implemented. “When a local housing authority requires it, [a private social housing provider] from a registered social landlord, it must cooperate to the extent that, in the circumstances, it is appropriate to offer housing to priority persons under the commune`s allocation scheme.” If you are interested in renting a property from a housing company, you should contact them directly to request listings and request our appointment. The City Council must sign separate individual agreements with each housing company that has real estate in the county. The associations agreed on the percentages of positions to be provided and the process to be used for their association, including the verification procedures. Registered social housing providers therefore have a mandatory legal and regulatory obligation to assist local authorities in carrying out their duties in accordance with Part VII of the Housing Act 1996.

This obligation is recognized and assumed by the TSA and the government. It is an important part of the government`s “Building a Sustainable Community” program across the country.

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