Set Up Trade Agreements Ax 2012

However, I would like to apply the prices of the trade agreements to another set of items and I cannot make it work. Hello, thank you for your reply. But I tried to establish a trade agreement for a given supplier for a certain quantity. I also post the Journal, but when I go to make an order, it does not take the price of the trade agreement, but the basic price of the product of the released product. That`s why I asked to give a demo of the trade deal so I could identify my mistake. I hope you will come back to it.. Thanks in advance.. 6. This form makes it possible to conclude new trade agreements. As soon as a new trade agreement is concluded, go to the Lines button in the price/discount journal header. 7. Multiple lines may be recorded in a single business journal. The relational field allows the user to specify the type of business agreement to be established.

To activate it, go to hello, thank you for giving details about the commercial agreement on the sales page. u can also provide the same for the purchase page of the trade agreement. Thanks in advance hello, thank you for your answer, I did the same and I was able to make the commercial agreement for the purchase, thank you very much for your instructions. If you don`t mind, you can tell me how to set up the inventory log. I mean, I want to do the installation for all three types of motion logs, and while I`m doing the setup in the I&WM>setup>journal>journal, it asks for details like the offset account and other details that we need before we can create the log. After the post, the entries in the group form can be displayed under the Trade Agreement button by selecting the types of agreements to display. . .


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