Is A Loan Agreement A Liquid Document

In the event of postponement of the proceedings, the Court shall inform the debtor of the judgment or the manager or director concerned of the provisions of Article 65e(1)(c) and may order the debtor of the judgment, etc., to provide such documents as the court may indicate on the date fixed by the court at the hearing. The Tribunal may also lay down such conditions as it considers appropriate. 5.In his affidavit against summary judgment, the defendant raised four objections. First, the notification does not meet the requirements of Rule 32, since the loan agreement, which is a liquid document on which the claim is based, was not attached to the affidavit. The claims claim that the written loan agreement was lost. Second, the respondent argues that the filing of the affidavit has no personal knowledge of the plea and of all the transactions on the merits. Third, it disputes the amount claimed.

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