Housing Management Agreement

This section contains information about the types of service or management level agreements that may be required between partners participating in CLH programs, including between the “customer`s” CLH organization and support agencies such as local authorities and housing companies. Examples of some typical agreements are included. The timetables set out the appeal procedures as well as the dispute resolution and arbitration procedure if the TMO and the Council have a serious disagreement that cannot be resolved. The schedules set out detailed procedures in all areas of rent management, such as complaints, assignments, reciprocal exchanges and the granting of consents. Chapter 9 – Definition of Terms Checklist A – Terms and Conditions of Use/Management Agreements Below is a general checklist of standard topics to be covered in a management agreement. The content can be divided into two categories: the calendars detail how the Board calculates TMO`s management and subsistence allowances and how they can be reviewed in the future. There are also schedules that define detailed financial management procedures and accounting procedures. If Two Towers achieves a surplus, it can be used to achieve the TMO`s objectives of providing, improving and managing residential and housing services. This chapter deals with new and introductory leases and leases. The chapter states that the TMO must investigate violations of leases or tenancy agreements and gather evidence so that Council can take legal action against tenants or tenants.

This includes antisocial behavior. The calendars in this chapter contain a detailed map of the territory and boundaries of the TMO, a list of features managed by the TMO and the Equal Opportunities Directive. It also includes a supervisory procedure that the Council may initiate if the TMO does not exercise its functions in accordance with the Agreement. Checklist B – Housing Services and Activities Covered by Agreements This chapter describes the nature of the contract between Council and Two Towers on how it can be modified or terminated. It also states that the TMO must conduct a vote every 5 years on whether residents want the TMO to continue to manage the domain. Two Towers Housing Co-op Ltd has entered into a management contract (a legally binding contract) with Southwark Council, which sets out in detail all the services it is to provide and those it continues to provide. . . .

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