Buy Tenancy Agreement Post Office

You can live there as long as you want – As long as you can keep up with the pace of mortgage repayments, you can live in your home for as long as you want. This is the reason why buying is often considered safer than renting. An exception is the assumption of ownership of a property under inheritance law, not directly owning the building and having the right to use it only for a certain period of time. Succession agreements are based on a legal agreement with the lessor or freeholder, called a “rental agreement”. We find that investors often pay too much for their postal investments. In these cases, either the rental rate is higher than the market and will be reduced at the next lease/option extension, or the lessor`s return will decrease dramatically. Although there are many positives in renting a property, it is not without drawbacks and you should take into account before signing a lease: Availability: Only about 25% of all postal services in the United States belong to the United States Postal Service. The remaining 75% is privately owned and leased to the USPS. Prior to 2007, 200-300 of the 25,000 leased facilities in the U.S.

typically closed each year due to poor conditions, asbestos, etc. .

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