Bilateral Air Service Agreement Of Nepal

Article XII When setting tariffs for each agreed service, all factors such as operating costs, reasonable profits, characteristics of different lines and tariffs shall be duly taken into account. which are billed by other airlines that use the same routes or parts thereof. When setting these tariffs, the provisions of the following subparagraphs should be respected: the Australian Government had requested the Australian Government to sign an air services agreement, given that nepal Airlines wished to connect Australia after the acquisition of two airbus long-haul A330-200s. Nepal Airlines officials said the A330-200 would not be able to fly to Australia non-stop. “But nepal Airlines can fly to Australia through a codeshare agreement with third parties. Article VIII When performing air services agreed by the designated airline of one Party, the interests of air carriers of the other Party shall be taken into account in order not to unduely affect the services it provides on the same route. Ministry officials said work on revising the air transport agreement is in its final phase and the report will be sent to the Ministry of Finance and then to the Ministry of Justice. After the opinion of the Ministry, the report will be submitted to Parliament and, once the report is adopted, the unification process will be preceded. Bilateral air traffic between Nepal and Vietnam is expected to be concluded after four years since the conclusion of the agreement between the countries on air transport.

The agreement will be revised and signed to increase flight opportunities between countries. Nepal has signed bilateral SAAs with 36 countries since 1963. This represents 5.7 million seats per year in Nepal. However, less than 40% of this capacity is used. Currently, 27 international airlines offer flights from Kathmandu to 22 cities in Asia and Europe. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) said the flight agreement should focus on Buddhist tourists living in both countries. The ministry said the flight service was being overhauled, with a focus on Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA). “Currently, 50,000 Nepalese visit Indonesia every year, while 15,000 Indonesian tourists visit Nepal.

That`s why we`ve started the process of signing an air transport agreement with Indonesia,” he said.

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