Richdale Apartments Lease Agreement

Option #1 seems poorly represented in my rental agreement, and I can`t find anything on #2. When I asked the mover to send me details #2 so I could have them in black and white, she ignored me. She also refused to tell me if they were planning someone to move into my unit (apparently, I won`t know until after it`s been rented). I owe a lot to the Richdale group. They took me in my hands because I had just graduated from university with no leasing experience and I was ready to commit properly, because the oil was falling a lot and no work was available at the time. When I was hired, I was in training and active with my hands leasing, I get my first lease on my second day of work. The Richdale Group looks more like a family than a work environment, every corporate event we have is a great family reunion and has a great happy hour :) This company is so generous when it comes to flexibility with schedules, high base salaries and great benefits. Believe me when I say that your hard work does not go unnoticed, you regional directors and business owners are still watching. Richdale has given me so much confidence in my sales and work ethic. Now, not only am I trying to be one of the best owners to be next to the professional club, but I am also working my manager to become a new property manager. If you are hungry to be the best owner and a reliable worker, you go far into The Richdale Company. We regret that your experience has not been positive and that the situation has been more difficult than expected.

Our construction industry prides itself on providing high quality buildings that are put to the test and have a different philosophy than most store traders. We are pleased to have many construction employees at all levels of significant duration who have helped us build a large portfolio. I have enough emergency cash for the option #2 that would cost overall less, but it seems a bit strange to pay the total amount in advance, AND it is not in the lease. Hello, we are glad that you had a positive experience with us and as Top Leaser, could take advantage of the great benefits. We look forward to your feedback as our business evolves. We wish you the best of luck in your future efforts. I will move from Tanglewood apartments to Lincoln (owned by Richdale) before my lease ends. No one in Richdale`s moving office told me I had 2 options: Paid vacations for the best lenders of small incentives for leasing contests Have fun with these rucks.

We kept our Rockledge apartment immaculately and we were perfect tenants and they were argued every time you even asked a question. The interview happened several times without notice, and once after, they sent us a letter explaining that because of a candle (never lit), we had to either throw the candle or break our lease and pay the difference.

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