Forex Investor Agreement

Each regulated broker has its own specific rules for its Forex account management agreement, according to the financial rules of each country. This agreement applies from the date and time of customer approval on the company`s website, in connection with the registration of a live trading account. Sending the Live account registration document is an authorization and signs this agreement electronically on behalf of the customer. A substantial breach by the client of its obligations under this agreement or other agreement with AssetsFx (including, but not limited to, account opening documentation); Make sure your investments are fully secured by signing the Foreign Account Management Agreement ( LPOA ). Terms of use, as well as full application of the client account, risk disclosure statement, privacy policy and all applicable written addendums that constitute the entire agreement of the parties (“Agreements”) that replaces all previous written and oral agreements. By registering as a user and using the services, the user agrees to abide by the operational agreements in force at the time. AssetsFx can change the terms of use from time to time so that the user is regularly familiar with these conditions. The LPOA or Limited Power of Attorney is a 3-party agreement between the investor, asset managers and broker who control, design and execute what is written and signed in the document. If the trading account is managed by more than one person, all associated holders are jointly liable to AssetsFx for all obligations arising from Forex transactions in the account and each undertakes to be bound by all the terms of the agreements between AssetsFx and the client (s). The opening of a market is a “spot forex” contract with a third party (liquidity provider), not between AssetsFx and the customer. It is very important to understand that the Forex account management agreement never allows asset managers to finance or withdraw funds from the client`s account. AssetsFx reserves the right to verify the User`s credit information when registering the Services. AssetsFx has the right to prevent the user from using the Services in the event of default or justification for any other valid reason when clarifying the credit data.

The client confirms that he has read and understood the existing terms of use, the privacy policy and the risk disclosure statement. The customer is personally responsible for updating the contract material. The client frees AssetsFx and holds AssetsFx of all losses, Taxes, expenses, costs and liabilities (currently, future, conditional or otherwise and including reasonable legal fees) that may be incurred or incurred by AssetsFx as a result or in connection with: AssetsFx: AssetsFx has the right to use and operate funds on behalf of clients in order to receive FX trading lines from third parties that are required to obtain the trading account live correspondent. Based on market conditions, business style and customer volume, trades can be executed at the LP, interbank or banking level as STP. Make the agreed online trading account available to the customer after receiving the first transfer of the credit; market conditions in general or the terms of a currency pair or single currency which, at AssetsFx`s sole discretion, make it necessary or desirable; Each party is entitled to terminate this contract at any time by indicating such notification regarding the effective date of the information at least seven (7) days before written notification, including, but not limited to an email notification to the other party.

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