Adobe Software License Agreement Won`t Accept

It worked for me! I had to opt out, which means I can accept a ton of extra licenses, but I`ve reopened pr, Ae and Au several times now and I`ve had to accept only once! Thank you for your help! In my scenario, I initially tried to update Reader 10.0.1 to 10.1.0 with SCUP and the published update. This replaced my custom configuration (the changes included the default acceptance of license agreements, the removal of Auto Updater, and the deactivation of the protected mode). I then had to create a custom installation with the customization assistant with the MSI 10.1.0 file from Adobe`s FTP site. After running this, I now get the above error on computers that have never had Acrobat. I have the same problem! If I double-click to open PDF files, I get the error message “Accept the end user license agreement.” I tried all the proposed corrections, but no one was able to solve my problem. So now not only am I being asked to log in over and over again and do the licensing thing, but I get a contextual “Trial Photoshop CC” first… I`m stunned! Sometimes, when I open a program, they say I have to “activate” the software. Then register. 5) Browse to /etc and open the hosts file. Make sure it has Adobe entries. If not, if not its end, if so, replace the host file with a new host file without Adobe 1 inputs) Connect all processes related to Adobe in the activity monitor (Creative Cloud, Core-Synchronung, CC-Library, services for Adobe Desktop App, Adobe Desktop Service, Adobe IPC Broker, Updater AAM) Thanks. It was exactly what I couldn`t do – switch to the screen that allowed me to accept.

I went to see Applications and BINGO. Thank you. Correction described here: (see THE EULA VIDE screen) I might suggest running Photoshop (and other Adobe applications) as an administrator and accepting your license that way. After the 2014 app update, I can`t open. The license agreement appears and I click Accept and it reappears. The apps didn`t ask me yesterday or the license… Every time I logged in to cc, I had to use the administration authorization and every time after. I think s/w is synonymous with software and I hate being dense, but I had to send an email back to Adobe to ask what they say exactly.

This article was written by: SignEx