Klocwork License Agreement

A Build-Agent license provides the tools listed below with the appropriate license to perform a single scan simultaneously on a single server. To perform scans at the same time, you need multiple Build-Agent licenses. For example, if you want to perform five scans at the same time, you`ll need five Build-Agent licenses. Klocwork records a license when you execute the command and returns it when the order is complete. The CI-Agent license is useful for analysis in an CI environment, because you can perform a quick scan of certain parts of an application – one or more files. Use this type of license if you only want to analyze a single file or set of files, not a complete application. To do this, you need to connect to a project. (g) This agreement, including all price offers and invoices issued in connection with this contract, constitutes the exclusive and complete agreement of the parties on the purpose of this agreement and replaces and removes all proposals, commitments or prior or written or written agreements. No conditions, including pre-printed or pre-printed conditions contained in a licence order or any other documentation of the licensee, may be included or constitute a part of this Agreement, and all of these conditions are null and void and have no force or effect. If you have different user IDs, when you connect to different operating systems, Klocwork uses a license.

If your Windows registration is z.B. “John Smith” and your Linux jsmith registration, Klocwork consumes two licenses. There are two types of simultaneous licenses: a construction agent`s license and an CI-Agent license. The customer understands and accepts that the additional software licenses provided by Perforce Software, Inc., a Delaware company, on behalf of its own companies and subsidiaries (perforce set) are used exclusively to allow already licensed employees to access more than one Perforce server. The Customer recognizes that Perforce concedes its product to an authorized part of the customer, who is assigned by the customer a standard type account to use a license for the use of products granted by Perforce for which a set of user data was created in the customer`s Perforce database, and does not operate any mobile, simultaneous or location licensing system. With a user license, you can run desktop tools, Klocwork plug-ins or connect to the Klocwork portal. When the Klocwork server is running on a Windows computer, users who log in to Klocwork Static Code Analysis and Klocwork Code Review have a license with the tiny shape of their username. Other tools do not change the username case (received from the operating system), so a second license is drawn.

Bypass the problem: Use a tiny username. Users of the web.service line indicate that an instance of the Klocwork server is running. Two licenses are still available. If you use another access method like NIS or Basic, a license will be drawn for each user who logs in to Klocwork or Code Review. When login, be sure to use the same login information you use when running command line tools. You can check how many licenses are used for a Klocwork function (or component), z.B. Klocwork static code analysis using lmstat option -f . With a construction license most often called a fixed construction license, you can perform one or more complete scans on a given computer.

The license is locked to the machine itself and downloads the results to the Klocwork portal. This is the type of license you need when installing and running De Klocwork analytics on a durable and dedicated computer. The server`s user line: (5 licenses issued in total; A total of 4 licenses used) shows that four of the five fixed server licenses available are currently in use.

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