Facebook Messenger Privacy Agreement

A few years ago, I saw a Danish film called Iris (Siri upside down) via a facebook app that spied on people and collected their data for their evil developer. The film was accompanied by an app downloaded from the movie, which controlled your phone and showed you what the app was seeing — which was different from what you saw on the big screen. Like what. On the big screen, you might see a secretary knocking on the principal`s door, but then your phone would vibrate and inform you that “Iris” was active and that you would see the principal sleeping with a student – which IRIS was watching behind the door. Even before the credits started, viewers trithized this movie app on their phones. It made me laugh (even if it`s nervous), but if you control YOUR phone, even for the radio, what are the capabilities if you give your permissions to access? I`ve never downloaded the Facebook app – I have links to the desktop site on my phone. I certainly haven`t downloaded a messenger – but my iPhone seems to know it – and I can only access messages from my PC. SIRI lights up on its own when I`m in a meeting and my phone is black on my desk. Yes, I think everything the presenters said at the time, especially after the last election. Messenger is always one, even if you turn it off. You can`t remove it from your cloud — you need to create a whole new account with another ISP, another hardware, another number. He remembers.

And it sends you invitations from your friends – unless they`re not real invitations from your friends, but “suggestions” disguised as invitations. It sent an invitation from my old Facebook account to a newer one I recently opened – and I only installed the app on either account. Are you concerned about Facebook Messenger privacy? Should you be? We look at the app`s permissions and arguments to protect your messages with another app. “You can go to Facebook on your mobile browser (not with the app) and access your messages that way” – well, no more! I just received a notification saying they won`t be available soon and if I want to see them on the phone, I`ll download the Messenger app. It looks suspicious. “Don`t worry about your privacy when you were before the Messenger app became mandatory to access your messages via the Facebook app” – absolutely.