Coffee Shop Franchise Agreement

WITNESSETH: CONSIDERING that the co-brand store currently operates a business that provides products and services other than coffee, tea and similar products and services, as described in Schedule 1 of this co-fire addendum (the “co-fires”) on the approved site; 3.1.1 When this contract for a traditional coffee or store is executed, a payment of seventeen thousand five hundred dollars ($17,500.00) is made, the receipt of which is confirmed by CBL. When executing the lease of the store`s site or when a site is authorized in accordance with section 1.2 that is not rented, the remaining balance of the original franchise fee, ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), is paid by the store owner. “In the event of a contradiction between the methods, standards and specifications imposed by CBL and those of another franchise system offering co-fire products, CBL undertakes, at its sole discretion, to take into account a limited deviation from its standards (to the extent necessary to eliminate the conflict), provided, however, that the store owner accepts that CBL is not required to change its standards (i) when the standards of the other system are not required by the system. (d) such a derogation relates to CBL`s routine products, including coffee products or the manner in which these products are prepared and served.” 12.2. Permission to transfer. If you fully respect this agreement, we will not unduly deny permission for a transfer to proposed purchasers who are moral in nature and who otherwise comply with the standards applicable to our franchisees at the time of the transfer, and the purchaser or owner of the transferor, in a form approved by the company, agree to be jointly and repeatedly bound by all the provisions of this agreement and to respect that agreement and all other agreements between you. and we and all related companies to the same extent as if they had originally been parties to the agreements. The agreement (c) do not make unauthorized copies of some of the confidential information disclosed in writing; and (d) all appropriate procedures that we prescribe from time to time to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information, including, but not exclusively, restrictions on disclosure to your employees and the use of non-compete and confidentiality clauses in employment contracts with employees with access to confidential information.